4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Hire an SEO Expert

Businesses of all sizes are often faced with the dilemma of hiring a professional SEO service provider, or trying to learn best practice of SEO themselves. Below are several reasons why it’s probably best to leave search engine optimization to the professionals.

1. Professional SEOs are very familiar with the tools they use to analyze websites. Choosing the proper keywords for your market is arguably the most important aspect of SEO. After all, if you invest in reaching a top position on Google for a weak keyword, do you really achieve anything?

2. Professional SEOs have been there, and done that. While learning SEO for the first time can take you months or even years to properly analyze a website, professional SEOs can more efficiently analyze your website’s potential and suggest intelligent strategies. Professional SEOs know what it takes to get a site in tip-top shape for its Google Debut, or restructure an existing page to be more search engine friendly.

3.The faster you get top rankings, the better. Think of your rank like retirement. If you start saving for retirement at forty, you’re not going to get out as much as you would if you started saving at twenty. Just as interest builds off of interest in retirement account, SEO builds off of SEO on your website. Which website do you think will be better off?

Website A) Takes their time learning the fundamentals of SEO and a few advanced skills. Within a year they have optimized their pages to the best of their abilities.

Website B) Hires an SEO firm and gets in the top 10 for their desired keywords in a month or two. With the increased exposure on Google, Website B’s client base is steadily growing and more people start talking about Website B’s products on forums and blogs. Google takes notice of all the inbound links pointing to Website B and raiser its rank further. As Website B’s rank improves, more and more people see their products and more and more people are talking about them. The cycle continues.

Just like with a retirement account, the more principal you start out with (in this case, initial exposure), the more you’ll benefit in the long-run.

4. Don’t risk being black-listed. Often times, people get discouraged with their website’s rankings and try to take the quick road to success. Don’t be tempted. Trying to artificially fuel your website’s advancement in the SERPs (search engine results pages) can cost your business dearly. It is unknown whether or not Google holds a grudge, but who wants to find out? Using shady techniques is referred to as black hat SEO. Examples of black hat SEO are: keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages, and spamming. Professional SEOs know the importance of staying clear of black hat techniques and will build your rank naturally and adhere to important policies. If you try to handle SEO on your own, you might be accidentally participating in black hat SEO without even realizing it.

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