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What is a DataPult and how to use it?

DataPult is your data and our visualizer, compiled into a single Flash object that can be easily added to your web page. Such as the example of a DataPult below.

If dynamic objects are not supported by your content format (presentations or hardcopy, for example), static JPG-format DataPult screenshots can be generated with a single mouse click.


Animated maps and other visual representations are a great way to see everything at a glance, instead of looking through volumes of data.

DataPult Desktop ver. 3.2.104

The program for creating heat maps and dynamic visualizations.

1. For example

You are sure to have heard of the "Demographic suicide" in Europe; low birth rates among the native inhabitants are causing significant changes in ethnic and cultural makeup of the European nations. Another hot topic is the “Decline of the West”, unable or unwilling to produce as many children as the “Third World”.

To properly grasp the demographic tendencies of mankind, a diligent reader would have to study the population tables and compare thousands of figures; only a very determined researcher would be willing to do all this dull work. If the same tables, however, are presented in the form of an Interactive Choropleth (Color-coded) Map, it will be a different story altogether:

Just press the play button (>) to set map animation in motion, and in a few seconds it will become demonstrably apparent that the similarities in birth rate decline tendencies are universal far all countries in the world. It seems that the birth rate differences between the East and the West are only temporary, and soon enough there will hardly be any countries, with birthrates above basic replacement level, anywhere. Addition of an animated map transforms this article both into a convenient, interactive reference (when mouse pointer is above a country, this country’s information is displayed), and into an entertaining animation, demonstrating historical development of various processes. That’s why we’ve invested a lot of effort into developing and releasing our service – creation of animated maps.

2. How?

How much time, do you think, it took me to create the above animated map? Five Minutes!

  • 1st – download an Excel file with the birthrates data from www.gapminder.org;
  • 2nd – wait for the Flash object to be loaded on the Map Creation Page;
  • 3rd – copy, using the clipboard, the table form Excel to the data input field, and enter the name and comments for the map;
  • 4th – wait for the compiled Flash object to be loaded, and obtain the HTML-code to add to this web page;
  • 5th – add this code, and continue on with the article.

That’s the fundamental concept behind all our services: quickly feed a heap of numbers into the computer, and then leisurely examine the resulting visualization. Animated map creation has never been simpler: as soon as you get a table, with countries as rows and years as columns - the map is nearly ready.

To create your own animated maps, you will need to:

  1. Register on our website;
  2. Create your first map by simply copying one of the samples into the data input field;
  3. Read and look through the detailed step-by-step Example of map creation using UN Data;
  4. Take a look at the List of websites, containing noteworthy statistical information for world countries;
  5. And finally, proceed to creating your own maps, based on the data of interest to you.

Try it, and see how easy it is!