Project Datapult For Sale

Commercial product DataPult is a ready, finished product that provides paid online services for visualizing a users statistical data.

Render Engine can be used to interactively visualize dynamic statistical data in the ERP system, on corporate sites in systems of data visualization.

Project contents:

  1. Website in Russian and English with and internet-shop to provide paid services and receive payment.
  2. Flash visualizer DataPult Online
  3. DataPult Desktop application with the ability to synchronize user visualizations with their account on the site and shared access.
  4. Aggregate Statistical data on 25 key indicators

We will provide assistance in the understanding of the source code. Possible that only the engine is sold.

Project cost is under discussion. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

DataPult Desktop ver. 3.2.104

The program for creating heat maps and dynamic visualizations.